Donate To ActsIntuitively Australia Ltd

Donate To ActsIntuitively Australia Ltd

ActsIntuitively Australia Ltd is a charitable non for profit / non government organisation created with a strong focus on mental health and community needs that launched in 2019. The company strives to be caring, innovative and transparent with a focus on delivering non discriminatory evidence based services that are more individual oriented.

ActsIntuitively Australia is based in the South West of Western Australia which is predominantly populated by rural and remote locations which have a limited access to community and mental health services. Typically these services hub in the capital cities which makes sense due to population densities but doesn't really address many of the issues created by isolation, accessibility, travel and has been dominated by solutions through communication services which have not demonstrated success but have continued to prevail due to the reduced cost of services being delivered.

Tackling mental health and community issues is not a simple task as is evident by the billions of dollars invested internationally to deal with selected social concerns. ActsIntuitively Australia acknowledges this and as such considers issues as requiring preventative, proactive and reactive responses. Prevention is a key factor in helping to reduce the growth of an issue by targeting drivers and contributing factors and generally requires community involvement. Proactive programs seek to identify people or services which can engage with individuals who are experiencing non crisis issues and support them early. Reactive programs seek to intervene and address issues that involve people or community at a crisis point which generally address the most severe scenarios. This combined approach creates an environment for sustainable solutions and deals with the issue spectrum rather than just responding to the metaphorical fire.

Our hope is to demonstrate to the government that our approach is sustainable, worth funding and start making an impact on social concerns initially in Western Australia and / or nationally depending on the funding that we can attract. We are serious about making a difference and effecting change not just ticking boxes to make accountants happy. If you would like to support our mission to effect change, to deal with real issues and to help reduce the heartbreaking social issues from becoming a new normal then donate to us today and we will put your contribution to work.

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